We are a family-run firm dedicated to the storage of wood and its derivates since 1929. It is for this reason that we can contribute our knowledge, expertise and professionalism to offer our clients effective solutions regarding material and its first machining, both for the fine carpentry or building professional, as for the DIY lover.

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· Quickness in our cut and veneer service.
· Boards rationalization and cut to size with precision machinery.
· Cutting and preparing-machines for solid wood:
Band saw, planer/veneering machine.
· Edge setting machine for 0,4mm, 1mm, 2mm, also in solid wood. Quick setting service from 50lm edge.
· Tools and finished pieces for industry on request.
· Estimates: free and without commitment.
· Prescription, advice and doubt-solving about materials and fittings.
· Credit card payments welcome.
· Parking lot within the store house.
C/de les Vinyes, 36. Sant Joan Despi 08970
GPS: N 41º22.677’ E 2º03.973’
Telephone 933 711 138 Fax 933 733 415 fustes@sardacoret.com
From 8h to 13h and from 15h to 19 h. Closed on Saturdays.